Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Hey family! I'm sorry i couldn't send pictures i am in an Internet super CHAFA significa sucky haha but on the bright side we had a good week. We were able to find new people and accomplish almost all of our weekly goals. Its hard sometimes to work through the let downs of people not be honest and not progressing because they are people you really come to love them! they become someone that shapes your life and you learn so much from them... then as they fall its depressing to not see the progression. We were not able to have the baptism this week for things that have passed but i sure hope the hermana comes around.
I have seen the hand on the Lord this week in His help in completing the goals we have.. sometimes we have to stop stressing so much about the little things so that the spirit can have direct links to our thoughts and heart. I have learned a lot this week about the trials and the love of God. This Friday we were asked to do an activity for the relief society but we were asked on really short notice so we just had a movie night and we watched Emma Smith .. to be honest i received an answer so clear... more clear then i have ever received in my life... from the Emma Smith movie haha who knew. But i also understood that the things that happen in our life are all for the good the lord has it all mapped out sometimes its really hard to just not think in a set out plan and trust in yourself but let it all work out for the Lord its a hard concept to grasp but its something we have to learn in this life!
its a blessing to see changes int he people you teach! and sometimes it hurts to hear what people think. yod and her husband was supposedly ready to accept the gospel as he told us... yesterday we went to teach them and the Hermana Cosette told us she is praying and she is starting the book of Mormon and we decided to see the Restoration movie so we put that in and the hermana the whole time looked like we were crazy and the hermano was laughing... we after it had finished asked them what they thought... the hermana just sat quiet and said at first i thought you were crazy but i feel it might be true and the hermano flat out told us logically he does NOT believe in Joseph Smith... but we explained the whole prayer and how they are going to get an answer and they committed to pray about it and the hermana told us she is going to read the book of Mormon in whole it was a good night...
Also this week i have seen the importance of the priesthood i have learned that apart from these next 3 months i never ever ever want to live without the priesthood in my house what a blessing and comfort it is to have the priesthood and feel the comfort and power of God. i never realized the comfort i felt and had to have the priesthood in my home!
Well family i love you all i am grateful for your love!!!
Mosiah 24 read it!
Hna Bigelow

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