Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well family another week! wow really its passing by soooo fast!!!! #kindaachallenge #bittersweet #justcauseitbugsdadandhunter Well i sure hope life is going great i feel like your emails are getting less and less detailed every time i read them... you're forgetting about me here in Mexico... its ok ill live #dontworryaboutme #lifesbetterintheserviceoftheLord
Well this week was somewhat of a slow week! we didn't have that many lessons only 23 for the week... its because everyone is out of town for the vacations and they also are all leaving because it is so hot here incredible hot! its over 100 degrees every day... I never thought i could live in such heat! haha i am not complaining just stating the facts haha #copyingmydad #notcomplaining its crazy!  but that's the reason that no one really has been home! as you've all seen in the pictures it is so hot here that we have to bathe in the night before we sleep in our clothes then in the middle of the night we wake up sooo hot and our clothes completely dry so we have to bathe again to be able to sleep! haha lovin the heat! i think its hotter here than what hunter is living in!!! #sorrykid #itsworsehere
Well this week we had many chances to see the hand of the Lord in our lives even tho things get hard there is always ways the  Lord manifests that he is here and mindful of us! as Children of our Heavenly Father we have been blessed with many gifts to be like Him This week we were teaching a new invest. about our Father in Heaven and she just kept saying no he is a spirit he doesn't have a body.. but as we testified and read scriptures to the Hermana the spirit was so strong that testified to us that our Father in Heaven knows us perfectly and can understand our every feeling just because He too has a body of flesh and bones and we can feel His love and that testimony through the Holy Ghost that can testify to us of the truth! what an amazing life we have as we learn and keep the commandment of the Lord that we can feel of our father in every moment maybe not in all the ways as warnings, comfort etc.. all the time but he is with us in every minute!
This week i read an article from the Liahona this month called The Power of Faith...if you have the chance to read it and study it.. its amazing... it really helped me understand more the plan that God has for us and it helped me change me view on what really is the Faith! I hope that you can get the chance to read it .. its short and talks about a woman with neck problems but it powerful! I loved it!
Well family its time to go to work!!! #serviceoftheLord #iloveit #youbetterloveit!
#theamazing #theonly #thegiggelow
Hna Bigelow

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