Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bahaha "Que en el mundo" is just a direct translation of what in the world and it is horribly incorrect but it is way fun to say! lol Well this week was a little slower but it was fun! One of our teachers Hermano Frey (BYU football player) left us!:( He quit cause his schedule was way too busy but he was LEGIT! that was really sad not gunna lie i cried!!! its so sad we have all gotten attached to eachother! But i cna not wait to leave. I am not too fond of my district and i know i am not reall supposed to say that but i get the short end of the stick and its been the hardest week since ive been out here! your letters have all been my saving grace this week a pick me up! I am grateful for it! monday we had a skype session with a woman from Ciudad de Mexico it was so fun! Her name is Laura and she was mega cute when we said bye she had a finger puppet on and was waving she was the cutest!! We have a new teacher he is legit! He is friends with Tim and Dave Gray!! (My friends i hung out with our first summer) so he like text him a pic of me and him haha hilarious!!! man it was weird being away from home on dawsons first birthday! I missed it!!! its crazy weird! Not too much has happened this week! Just my travel plans and trying to get ready for that!!!
We did have a really good devotional about members importance on missionary work and it is so true we had a member present lesson which was awesome! But you guys i challenge you to practice it at home with eachother just simply inviting someone over for dnner with missionaries! its fasil!! easy lol and fun! dad i challenge you to just invite wayne over for dinner with the missionaries it would not hurt anything he would appreciate it more than anything!! ill pray for you! BE A LITTLE BOLDER! im sure y'all will each find/ know someone who you can help if you sincerely pray!!!
I can not wait to call you in 3 days!!! I love you guys tons!!!!
Hermana Bigelow!!

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