Friday, March 7, 2014

We talked to Autumn today... twice!!! Once at the airport in SLC for just a few minutes and then again as she was in Houston Texas for a layover!! To say she sounded great would be a big understatement!!  She was fabulous!!!  It was so amazing to hear her sweet big voice (I would say little but if you know Autumn you know it is not little!!).  She was on the last leg of her three flight journey to Oaxaca.  She traveled with 4 other missionaries from the MTC and then they met up with a sister in Houston that had been waiting for her visa to head on down to Oaxaca!!  So 6 missionaries... 1 elder, 5 sisters!!!
All of us had the chance to talk with her!  Heath came home from work and Hunter and Kade came home from school!! It was a big deal :) I am amazed at the love and concern for each other my kids have and I am grateful for it!! I can't tell you how great it was and I can't tell you how hard it was to hang up.... I know I will talk to her again at mother's day but wow... IT WAS HARD TO SAY GOODBYE!!
So later that night ... much later we were able to see Autumn's safe arrival at the Oaxaca airport via her Mission Facebook Page... Can I tell you I have never ever ever ever been more grateful for facebook!!!! Then Tuesday we were able to see several more pictures that her mission mom posted of their first day!! I love that woman, Sister Nelly Leyva and her mission president, President Leyva!! We also received this short little email....
"""I am here!!! I just got my area and my comp and we have a lesson tonight! holy cow oaxaca is absolutely AMAZING and i know for a fact it is where the Lord needs me! pday is monday!!! til Lunes! Hasta Luego!!!""""

Needless to say we CANNOT WAIT for MONDAY!!!!!!!!!

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