Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Norma Y Erasto sittin in a tree......​.

K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes CASARSE despues comes BAUTISARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heck yes you read that right!!!!! this past week has been a miracle!!!! we haven't been able to work really cause Hna. Vargas leg! (we had two full days confined to our apartment) but we have been praying fervently for Norma and Erasto all week!!! Norma and their baby Juanito have been really sick with a high fever so on last sunday they recieved a priestood blessing and it was gorgeous!!! absolutely gorgeous and in the moment Erasto completley changed his desires about the priesthood and wants it but had MANY doubts and just would not pray all week long cause he was tired or at the doctor with his baby!!! but they went to all three hours of church yesterday and erasto said he felt different!!!! so yesterday being confined to our apartment after church we watched the district (hehe dumb i know) but we just got a few ideas and we went out to work (at norma y erastos.) we got a member and asked her to be with us and share her conversion through prayer, we were going to talk about his feelings at church, talk about jospeh smith, sing hymn# 14 and have Erasto pray right then and there for a confirmation of 19 de abril with their wedding the 11 de abril (cause little did we know we found out last week they were not married!!!) so we did just as we had been prompted to do and praying for all week long and the spirit was AMAZINGLY strong!! i cant even describe! and as we finished the hymn i made him a promise as a representative of christ that he would recieve his answer THIS night and we all knelt in sincere silence and he began his prayer i thought i couldn't feel the spirit so strong until then! it was completely amazing! then after his sincere prayer we sat in silence til he was ready, praying so hard that Heavenly Father might answer his silent prayer or help and questions and when the moment felt right HNA Vargas asked the question and erasto said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
we have all the plans made and everything set for food, fiesta and ceremony of the wedding all they have to do is the handing over ceremony this week!!!! i am so happy the lord truley knows them and loves them!!!! 
also we had splits this week which was so hard my comp knew NO spanishhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it was amazing! the area is straight up hills and so hard but i never felt so good just straight up working!!! i loved it!!!! also we went to the temple :) it was so hard to understand but it was amazing i was so nervous to go but i loved it!!! so peaceful i didnt want to leave lol the temple pres and his wife are from N america!!!! 
Also being really sick this week was not good my stomach swelled up (gross) and it was horrible pain all the time but i went to the doctor and found out i have an infection in my gastlites and colites lol idk what it means but i am doing better!!!! i also completed 2 months whooooo hoooo what a blessing! Mom it sounds like everyone is doing amazing i love that video as well!!! You are all in my prayers and thoughts and heart... i love you alll sooooooo much!!!!! 
mom my plaque scripture is Alma 26:35-36 but not all of 36 end at everlasting wo!!!! 
Hasta Luego!!!! 
I love you all dearly!!!!!
Hermana Bigelow

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