Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Holy cow has this week been an adventure i can not even tell you how crazy its been!!! so last monday waiting in Houston for our flight it kept getting delayed and delayed for hours haha pero esta bien! porque it gave me time to practice my spanish with a woman from Oaxaca she was so sweet and so willing to help me! finally after 2 hours we got on our TINY little plane to oaxaca at that point i had been awake for 18 hours and i was ready for bed! i slept the majority of the flight but was sooo anxious to be here! we finally landed but had to go through customs for an hour! and there they were President and Sister Leyva waiting BIENVENITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cried i never wanted a bed so bad in my life hahahahaha it was amazing as soon as i saw them i recieved that comfermation that Oaxaca is my place to be!!!! then we went to go have mexican hamburgers hahahahaha weird eh? pero they were FANTASTIC i loved them!!!! haha maybe i was hungry then we went to the mision offiice grabbed stuff to shower and clothes for the next day and we headed to a hotel us american sisters! it was crazy we were up 25 hrs and got 4 hours of sleep! that next day we had training and went over money and rules then we went and got money from a bank! and our green card photos! then we got told our areas and our companions!!!
I am in Tlacolula which is 30 minutes from oaxaca well like 15 if you are riding in a taxi haha its HORRIBLY scary! we set out and we went to teach lessons! its been fantastic my first day all i had were beans, huevos (eggs) and chicos haha (hot dogs) haha its so nasty but whatever. we have other really GREAT food here haha i actually like it and i ate street fruit with salsa and chile haha i love it!!!
we have norma and Erasto they are a SUPER cute little family they just had a little baby boy and i absolutely love them! I put them on date for baptism on 12 de Abril!!! i cant wait! ohhh my comp hardly speaks english by the way which is scary hahaha but i love it! norma and erasto came to church yesterday and loved it! we are also teaching brizia and she has been listening to the missionaries now for 2 years but she is not married her esposo will not marry her which is really sad cause her and her two girls really want to be baptized!!! she truely has an amazing spirit she made me cry its so hard i pray that her esposos heart will soften!!! and tere.... she is an old lady with alzhiemers! its so hard but she is trying and finally after a month apparently she excepted jesus as jehova not God and she is making progress!!! she prayed and i was soooooo humbled all she kept saying was "Dios ayudame ayudame intinendo y intiendo esta palabras" which means help me help me understand and be able to understand the letters cause she can not read! it was the most humbling experience i have ever had she was just pleading and pleading with the Lord. it was incredible! the people here are the nicest i've ever seen in my entire life! nicer than people in alaska which is really hard to beat haha but they are! they have absolutely nothing, live in dump houses that are infested with bugs and have no kitchen and one room and a bathroom and they are perfectly happy! i've never had sooo much love for people in my life seriously!!! also we have this family.... >OH MY GOSH THIS FAMILY!!!!!!! i love them with ALL my heart!!! i've never wanted something so bad for someone else in my life!!!! cansecos family.... the PARENTS ARE INACTIVE MEMBERS FOR 20 YEARS AND THEY HAVE ONE SON THATS 21 (sorry) christian a daughter 15 azuri 13 elizabeth and 4 sejurri! oh my gosh i love them! i can just see them in the temple. we are with them in town every night teaching the gospel and they absolutely want it! i put the daughters on date for bautismo on 12 de abril! i am sooo excited!!!!!!! and as for my spanish! i am doing great, i guess! it is coming along great and i understand a lot, as long as people are talking slow!!!
 i absolutely love this place. i love my mission pres and his wife and my comp. the people here are amazing and i cannot wait to go to the ruins next week!! haha sorry for the spanish i just type what i think at the moment haha!
the scripture for the week is mosiah 24:14-15. the Lord wants to help us with our burdens so we can stand as a witness for Him and that is EXACTLY what He is doing for me now so i can be His witness and so can everyone else! i love this work and i feel Gods love for these people whose ansesters he vistied so long ago!!!! i am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and it is because of Him we have everything! i love this gospel and i love contacting its sooooooo fun haha!! i love everything about Tlacolula and Oaxaca and i couldn't be anywhere else that would make me happier! thank you guys for all your prayers and love!!!
my address: huerto de los ciruelos #101 Fraccionamiento trinidad de las huertas 68120 oaxaca, oaxaca mexico (SEE ADDRESS IN BLOG IT IS HOW IT HAS TO READ)
gosh haha i love you guys remember you have to use international stamps!!!!! miss you tons!!!!
Hermana >Bigelow

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