Tuesday, March 18, 2014

are you kidding me?!?!?! i cant even believe he got his call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPANISH SPEAKING HECK FREAKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time is going by sooooooo crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hunter let me tell you its sooooooo hard, hardest thing ever but i promise you that i'ts the best feeling in the world to be on a mission and learning a new language and culture. what a blessing it is that God is allowing us to serve people that live completely different than us and that we get to cherish this time and love the amazing people! Hunter i could not be anymore proud of you and you're service. you amaze me and your example is the best!!! I love you!!!!
my companion is sister vargas. i love her she has been in and out of therapy everyday so she cant work much sooo its really hard for me to not be working but we have been doing better this week! i haven't gotten sick which is great!!!! we have lunch appointments around 3 everyday mostly with inactive members which is weird then we eat a little something for dinner if we are hungry around 10!! we have around 80 members in church each week and yeah we have too many investagators to count!!! but they are all kinda stuck in the praying phase its crazy!!! i have 50 pesos left til the first of april lol its crazy!!! its sooo hot here and my hair is soooooo long haha but i am not cutting it off!! i got sandals from an inactive man in our ward he makes and sells them!!!! i will try to do that when i have money to use a phone..... 
Anyways!! i can't believe how much everyone is growing. that's so crazy! time is flying by i have almost been out 2 months haha 16 more to go!! my return date is July 20 2015! weird hahaha i feel like the days are soooo long well all except p-day and the weeks are so short. it really is intense!!!! this is probably already the hardest thing ever but i love it! Norma and Erasto missed church so they cant get baptized til april 22. we put one boy aaron on date this week but then we got a text from his parents saying to never come back so that was heart breaking! then we put new investegators, edgar y elisama on date for april 12 but they didn't go to church so we have to push the date back one more week and pray that they go this week!!! gosh life is so crazy here haha and by now i'm pretty much used to the fact i am ALWAYS sweaty!! lol its gross but ya know!!!!!! oh! we had a great week one of patience and love!!!! we had new missionary training in oaxaca then had interviews with president leyva he had me speak all in english and pray in english! you guys its only been 9 weeks but honestly i have been saying all my prayers in spanish since my first full day in the MTC and i completely froze up! i had no idea haha i had to finish in spanish bahahahahhaha then the next day was multi-zone training which was absolutely amazing i had to teach haha in spanish crazy eh??? everyone said i was one of the fastest growing in spanish this year which is good cause i am having a hard time feeling like i am good or progressing in spanish! but we watched a video called "the atonement and missionary work" PLEASE LOOK IT UP AND WATCH IT those of you preparing or on missions its absolutely amazing i could watch it a million times and learn something new everytime.... be prepared to bawl your eyes out but oh my gosh!!!!! and also read luke 1:37 and luke 18:27 those are my scriptures for the week lol
oh one last thing last night we were waiting in the middle of nowhere in the dark for 30 minutes for a taxi or a bus preferably a bus cause its cheap and i have no money! and a man finally pulled over in his taxi going to yagul but it was only him and he said he was in our ward... which he is but he was alone and that's against rules, grrr... it was so tempting we were tired late and it was about to rain but we denied him and hermana vargas turned to me and said after the trial comes the blessing then we turned around and not even 5 minutes later a bus to yagul pulled up! it was AMAZING the Lord really does hear our prayers and really does see, just like Abraham, if we fear God more than man and are willing to sacrifice... i love it!!!! this week has been one of my biggest trials but i know that through my prayers and the prayers of you all i have been able to keep on truckin and serve these AMAZING people of Tlacolula!!! I love it!!!! I love you all and miss you terrible!!!! until next week!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)
Your one and Only, 
Hermana Bigelow

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