Thursday, July 10, 2014

HEY family!!!
well the transfer is almost over we just have til Sunday and i believe i am going to go to the coast because 22 missionaries from the US are coming and they all need to be close to the city so they are gonna ship me out cause my comp she cant leave the city cause of her health! she is on the verge of going home cause they cant find a solution and its only getting worse and worse. But once again I'm super sick! I'm not sure why i am so sick all the time!!! almost every week of my mission... keep my health in your prayers... PLEASE! haha
Well this week we kinda had a slow week i feel like we had no money so we walked FOREVER seriously we are horribly sunburnt haha but i am gonna be black when i get home and i LOVE IT! i already have a tan line from my new black shoes!!!
well we had our baptism on Saturday and it was beautiful! one set of the elders had a baptism as well it was great!!! one family prepared and sang the baptism song i don't remember what its called but its "i like to look at rainbows whenever there is rain..." i was bawling haha it was so cute!!! they couldn't sing for anything but it was gorgeous! haha and Javier the man we baptized was so happy he arrived at the chapel 2 hours before his baptism haha it was great! he was so excited!!!
well yeah we have a new president him and his wife are from Utah! i haven't met them yet i have only talked with Hermana Madsen yesterday because of health haha but she is super sweet! we are going to meet them tomorrow in interviews!! I'm stoked! i hope they just change everything haha it would be exciting!!!!
Today we gathered up all our strength and we went to the chapel of NACHO LIBRE! and let me tell you it looks similar but for the movie they added on parts to make it much larger but it was legit and i loved it!!! i took a lot of photos but my camera is not working but ill try!
well its time to go i love you all a MILLION!!!!
oh my scripture is Luke 5:25-34 about the woman who is has a disease of blood and i just lover this story because it shows how much our faith can do but as well that our older brother and Savior Jesus Christ knows us one by one even though we are many he will still call us out and know who we are i love it!!!
well y'all are always in my thoughts and prayers!!!!
Your mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow

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