Wednesday, July 23, 2014


hey yall!!!! SOOOO once again today we played futbol but let me tell you it was wayyyy more legit cause we played against my old zone and we got tshirts our zone did haha #zonamontealbanforlife hahahaha ya mom i just hashtagged in the mission! but we have hashtags on the tshirts haha our day was pretty legit! and we haven't even washed clothes or anything such rebels we are, haha not really!!! we went out to eat all of the hermanas in the 2 zones at chinese food and ya no I'm gunna die... haha it was horrible! NEVER EAT CHINESE FOOD IN MEXICO! haha y'all are probably saying we could have told you that, but please I've eaten insects rotten lamb (the WHOLE BODY NOT KIDDING) and some how I'm still alive! haha
but this week we worked harder than we ever have in this area and its payed off we have seen the blessings so much! its soooooooooo crazy the many blessings we have seen this week especially with our inves. Socorro and she really is progressing we had 2 AMAZING lessons with her this past week where the spirit was just so strong and we just followed it in all we said and she is progressing so much I've never seen such a miracle... i also had one of the MOST AMAZING experiences in my mission this week that i will ALWAYS keep sacred. I cant believe how much the Lord is just working through us to do His work!!! I can not tell you how much i LOVE this work and how much i have to learn in this next year!!!! because guess what... tomorrow is 6 months! man time is crazy and we are have way through this transfer how weird is that?!?!?!?!
Hey well honestly even though i am not in the house its hard to know that my little brother is leaving to Colombia... haha me being here in Mexico and i cant be there to see him leave I'm nervous for him he is just my little brother but i could not be more proud of the man he is becoming.... he has made me more proud than i ever could be of him. his strength and his example to me have been such a help! i can not wait to hear all his strength and stories haha i cant wait to talk to y'all in Sunday! Hunter know i love you SO much! you are going to do AMAZING things and you are going to truly know how it feels to be a missionary haha finally! its a once in a life time opportunity and do not regret one minute!!!! you are a strong man and i admire you for all you do! hunter i love you more than all the salmon in the ocean and rivers haha you are the BEST!!!!!!
i obviously love my other siblings people haha don't think that i don't.... i love them all the same!!!!!
you are always in my heart and prayers!!! thank you all for your support and love!!!!
Scripture:Alma 37:40 pray in every minute!!!
Your Mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow

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