Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Well Family! this week was very great! haha  i have been putting in practice the gratitude and really it has helped me SO much yeah we have had really hard days but i can honestly see a change!!! i have an easier time just being loving and patient and just cooling off when I'm frustrated but like D&C 3:1 says that frustration is of men not of God.... oh man i have a lot to work on haha but we really are just having so much success with progressing inves. we are really working and stressing the importance of going to church!!
we are super short on time cause a doctors visit so i have to go i love you all and i am so grateful for everything y'all do and i cant wait to skype y'all in just 2 weeks Hunter i cant believe you are leaving me hahahahha keep up the good work and trust in the lord with all your heart might mind and strength!!!!
D&C6:22-23 this week i was praying to strength my testimony of my father in heaven and i just opened my scriptures and read this scripture and how beautiful it is!!!!! i LOVE it..... ahhh word cant express the feeling of a testimony strengthened!!!!
Thank you all for your support and love!!!!!!
Your Mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow

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