Thursday, July 10, 2014

Well this week was the end of a transfer and now we are going into another!!! I am with Hermana Flores another transfer and we are here in Etla! haha its hard but we have decided to give it our all and our motto is 1Juan 2:16 (i think) but we can't say we are disciples of Christ until we have walked at least some distance in His shoes... and we are going to go that distance and more!!! i am excited to see the work of the Lord through our efforts.
Well this week we put 2 people on date for baptism Belen the senorita from Rio Grande whose husband just passed away and her son and they are so ready she is going to lessons with us this week to help us spread the word of God haha i am SOOOOOOOOOO excited she really is amazing!!!! and this past Monday night we had a REALLY SPECIAL lesson with our inves. Socorro... we were teaching about the first vision and as i was reciting the vision she began to cry and then she just admitted that she KNEW she had to pray and find out for herself if it was all true!!! and then at the end we bore our testimonies and i felt impressed to tell her she was a daughter of God and that He loved her so much... and she just lit up with a light soooo strong i couldn't deny it and she just said that is the most beautiful I've ever felt and heard i know that its true!!! ahhhhh it was AMAZING!!!!!! i literally left and cried!!!! i love to know that she now feels the love of God and recognizes the spirit in her life all because we are instruments in the Lords hands called to serve as He did and as He would if He were here in Etla.... how beautiful it is to be a missionary!!!!
I'm so blessed to have the privilege to serve and to help in the gathering of Israel!!! i truly love my Savior and Older Brother Jesus Christ and i can NOT wait to see Him again and just walk and talk with Him!
I am soooo grateful to have such a supportive LOVING family in which i can ALWAYS count on!!! Thank you all for the Fasts, prayers and temple visits on behalf of my health i really appreciate it!!!! My scripture this week goes along with the talk from President Utchdorf from this past conference to be grateful IN ALL our situations but its DyC 78:18-19 I absolutely LOVE this scripture and the blessings in it at the end of verse 19 its beautiful i only have it in Spanish and y'all wouldn't understand it but in 18 it says that we are to have buen animo because He is ALWAYS with us as our guide and in 19 that we are to receive all things with gratitude and i ahhh i just love it elder Utchdorf talks about gratitude that it is a commandment from the Lord to have gratitude in ALL things no matter what is passing by not just FOR things but IN all things ahhhhhh i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's my goal this transfer!!!!
I just love you guys soooooo much just a little over a year til i return.... kinda is not enough time to become the person the Lord needs me to be! but i am getting there!!!
Thank you all again SO much!!!!
Your Mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow
oh and i encourage all y'all to say a prayer just full of gratitude and you will feel AMAZING i promise don't ask for anything just say thanks for everything you can i promise it is the most beautiful prayer you will offer!!!!

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