Wednesday, July 30, 2014

hey y'all! well I've just had the best pday EVER! we went to the Guelagetza which is the traditional dances from all the pueblos of Oaxaca and it was beautiful I've never laughed and cheered so hard in my life! it was a blast!!!! we got a coconut and i got a traditional straw hat and broom! haha free stuff y'all!!!! it was beautiful and i decided today that i am never returning home hehe SORRY!!!!!!!!!! I'm mexican for life! no mexican oaxaqueña!!! haha
well family it was soooooo great to see y'all yesterday and to say goodbye to my little brother! i still can not believe this is happening!!! there will be two of us out that's LEGIT mom and dad!!!!! you're blessed haha its hard i know but what a blessing!!!
well this week my comp went home with honor because she was sooooooo sick she couldn't eat or she was super sick and so we had divisions with youth in the ward and i went out and taught and my comp stayed in a members house! and seriously we walked and walked and walked i had 5 houses with inves that completely flat out told me never come back i do not like the book of Mormon! i was in TEARS!!!!!!!!! it was so hard! but on Saturday the lord provided when my new comp hna martinez... her and i have been best friends since we came to the mission... we went to 20 different houses and had 5 lessons we were so sad we could not find a soul but we had the Lord on our side and we contacted 15 different people and have 15 new appointments lined up for this week i can not wait it was a blessing of the lord!!! also Socorro is progressing so much! her and her husband are having another baby they are going to be getting married they went to church yesterday and LOVED IT and socorro KNOWS that is true!!! i really have seen such a miracle in her change i hope to be here another 9 weeks just to be with her! i love her sooooooo much!
we also with all the gran blessings of the Lord have had some really hard times and scary times with drunks and druggies like just now i am so glad the elders showed up at the internet cafe with us cause this druggie was scaring me so bad and would not leave me be! but yeah we have rough experiences but we have had more blessings than i can ever count.
I want all of you to know that the Lord really loves us. He IS our Father in Heaven that loves and protects us and if we follow him he guides us back to his side with our eternal families! i am so grateful for my family and the love and support that they have always been for me and i am so grateful for them and their example to be an eternal family and one day i hope to have that same blessing! i know the Lord hears us in our prayers though things may be so hard the lord is always they guiding and protecting us from all the worldly things in a path that will lead and give us TRUE happiness eternal joy. i love the gospel and i love the opportunity i have to be an instrument in the Lords hands right now and following the spirit i have seen my help in his work here in etla and these are experiences i have loved and will ALWAYS cherish! thank you all for supporting me on the most amazing experience of my life and helping me help the lamanites of the book of Mormon really find the truth of their fathers!!! :) hehe i just love it!
Mosiah 2:22 .... ITS THAT EASY!!!!!!!!!!.
I love y'all!!!
Hermana Bigelow:)
ps  ill send pics next week cameras dead!

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